At project end, LIFE EBP will validate in real operational environment the following expected results:

  • the hydrolysis of municipal biowaste (MBW) from different sources yields 90% or more soluble bioproducts (BPs);
  • performance-wise 1 kg BPs is equivalent to 5 kg NPK fertilizers and to at least 1 kg of organic fertilizers derived from fossil Leonardite products;
  • 5 BPs and IR kt producible from 5 MBW kt may allow cultivating 100 soil kha at average 50 kg/ha.

In place of landfilling and incineration, LIFE EBP will enable to measure the following environmental benefits:

  • Reduction of 700 k m3 (458 t) methane (CH4), 547 k m3 (983 t) carbon dioxide (CO2), 200 kg dust, 7.7 t other greenhouse gases (GHG) and toxic organic.
  • Reduction of 14 t nitrate leaching through soil into groundwater.
  • Reduction of 7.5 kt CO2 emissions from fossil Leonardite containing 40%C.

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