The goal of LIFE-3E: Environment-Energy-Economy (LIFE19 ENV/ES/000143), co-financed by the LIFE Programme of the European Union, is to develop and demonstrate an innovative process to promote water reclamation and reuse, integrating the production of in-situ renewable energy in the coastal Urban Wastewater Treatment Plant (UWWTP) of Comillas (Cantabria, Spain). This so-called Blue Energy will be generated by recovering the energy contained in the saline gradient through Reverse Electrodialysis. The project aims to contribute to improve the sustainability of water resources, promoting water reuse for road and street cleaning. In addition, it will minimize the external energy demand for wastewater treatment processes and reduce the Greenhouse Gas Emissions related to the consumption of fossil fuels.


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Sustainable and Green Agri-Waste Based Biopesticides

This LIFE project have the following objectives:

To mitigate adverse effects on Environment and Human Health of chemical origin pesticides, currently used in stone fruit crops protection.

The efficacy of two natural, safe and sustainable new formulations will be demonstrated. The raw materials will be obtained from agro-industrial by-products that will allow us to replace chemical pesticides used at present in stone fruit crops.

Expected results:

  • Safer biopesticides for the Environment and Human Health
  • With biocidal activity against target pests and diseases of stone fruit trees
  • To improve food security by producing residue-free fruit
  • Sustainable and transferable
  • With identified positive environmental impacts on biodiversity and climate change
  • With identified synergies with other agro-environmental practices

Formulates may be applied under similar circumstances in other countries of the European Union, on other stone fruit and horticultural crops.


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